Recycled glass trophy detail.

Ohio Hi Point Career Center are tops at recycling.  Last November during a four week span the Association of Ohio Recyclers (AOR) in coordination with Keep America Beautiful (KAB) conducted the Ohio School Recycling Challenge and the National Recycle Bowl.  In Ohio 92 schools entered the competition.  Nationally about 1100 schools entered the Bowl, including the Ohio Schools.  Competitions were in two divisions, those that counted only on-campus, or in-school recycling efforts, and a second division that encouraged the community to join the effort by recycling into drop-off containers located at the school.  Ohio Hi Point, led by the Animal Husbandry students, topped all schools in Ohio and won the State competition.  For their efforts they received a beautiful trophy of recycled glass and a check from Keep America Beautiful for $1,000.  Pictured is a portion of the recycled glass trophy they received.  Congratulation to Ohio Hi Point Career Center staff and students for a great effort.  Keep up the great work of recycling.

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