Zero, the hero of recycling.

To enhance the educational outreach of the of the Solid Waste District we have engaged the help of Zero.  Zero is, of course, a fictional cartoon

Andrew seems to be able to have Zero do just about anything.

character that we believe will assist greatly in getting our message about zero waste to our public.  Zero is the characters nickname, short for Zero Waste.  He will be educating and promoting every aspect of getting to zero waste, recycling, material diversion from the landfill, reuse, extended producer responsibility (EPR), composting, virtually every facet of our mission – materials management to eliminate wast – including zero waste to the landfill.

Zero is a collaborative effort between the District Staff and local artist Andrew Paavola.  When I first saw one of Andrew’s cartoon creations I saw the potential immediately for a creative way to portray recycling.  Andrew did the rest with only two edit sessions with our staff.  Zero is already featured on this website and in some media advertising.  Zero is such a versatile character we have seen him picking up trash, kneeling to talk to children, talking to groups, and soon he will be paddling a canoe.  Zero will soon have his own section on this website, “Zero’s Heroes” where we will highlight people and programs making a difference in recycling.

Our thanks to Andrew and his creative efforts and the speed at which he works.  We hope you enjoy Zero!

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