Automotive Liquids

Used motor oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, as well as auto polish and cleaners can all be brought to CHARM. Used motor oil, antifreeze, and transmission oil are taken without fees.  Other auto products like cleaners carry a small fee per pound.  Recycling Fees. Can only be accepted during CHARM season.



Household batteries such as AA, AAA, C, D, button batteries, and 9 volt batteries can all be dropped off at any one of the neighborhood recycling centers. Each shed at the recycling centers has a special door next to the vending machine with a sign, “Battery Drop”. We appreciate it when people keep their batteries together in a small plastic bag. Battery recycling is free.
Auto, truck, motorcycle, and boat lead-acid batteries are much larger and can and do leak acid if mishandled. These types of batteries lead-acid must come to the CHARM collection so they can be properly taken in and stored for recycling. Battery recycling is free.
Computer battery back-up systems can be recycled anytime there is an Electronic collection. Currently that is every day at 1100 S. Detroit Street, the central office of the Solid Waste District.
Closed jell-cell batteries used in small scooters and children’s toy vehicles. They are sealed and can be dropped at the recycling centers or brought to CHARM.



Paperback books can be placed in any of the “Paper” recycling containers at the neighborhood recycling centers.
Hardback books can be recycled, however they need to be brought in to the main facility located at 1100 S Detroit Street, Bellefontaine during business hours from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday.



Corrugated cardboard is everywhere in our society.  Break down cardboard boxes and slide them into the cardboard recycling container at each recycling center.  If you have curbside recycling service you can cut the cardboard to small enough pieces to fit into your recycling bin.



Computers can be recycled as part of the electronics collection occurring during business hours at the District Office, 1100 S. Detroit St., in Bellefontaine. Monitor Recycling is $10.

electronics to recycle


Electronics are collected daily between 9:30 am and 3:30 pm at our main office at 1100 S. Detroit Street in Bellefontaine, Ohio.   If you can plug it in, bring it in.  Does not include large items such as appliances, or freon containing devices.

Weed spray and chemicals recycling

Garden & Lawn Chemicals

Fertilizers, weed killers, plant food and other garden and pest control sprays, liquids, and powers are accepted only through the CHARM operation. There is a fee for these materials.  Recycling Fees. Can only be accepted during CHARM season.



Household container glass such as: beer bottles, wine bottles, food bottles, can be recycled at all of the recycling centers by placing them in the Household Container roll-off bin.
Other glass items are not recyclable because they generally contain lead and cannot be melted with normal glass. Non-recyclable glass includes, house windows, auto glass, any kind of ceramics, china, ceramic jars, and pottery.


Household Hazardous Waste

Many items are considered household hazardous wastes such as poisons, bleaches, pool chemicals, garden chemicals and insecticides. These are all collected at a CHARM session. See CHARM.
The Ohio EPA allows the Solid Waste District to collect these items from households, extremely small generators of waste, but not from businesses, schools, government agencies, churches, or farms.


Household Items, Bottles & Cans

Glass bottles, steel and aluminum cans can be recycled at any neighborhood recycling center.


Light Bulbs & Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent tubes contain toxic chemicals like mercury and should not be tossed in the trash. These tubes are collected at the CHARM collection times and sent to factories for recycling. There is a small fee for each tube. Recycling Fees.
Incandescent light bulbs can be thrown in the trash. These bulbs will not be manufactured in the United States, nor sold in stores in a few years. They are being phased out because they are so inefficient and give off so much heat.
The twist light bulbs, CFLs, curly fluorescent lights, are recyclable and can be brought to the CHARM program for a small fee per bulb.

Recycling Fees. Also accepted during regular business hours.



Magazines of all kinds are completely recyclable.  Bring to any recycling center and place in the paper container.  At the curbside place magazines with the paper and cardboard materials.


Mattresses & Bedsprings

Mattresses and bedspring at this time must go to the landfill.  Take them directly to Cherokee Run Landfill on Route 68 N., or if you live in Bellefontaine, obtain a large item sticker from the City Utility Office, 592-3561, for a fee and the Bellefontaine Utility workers will pick the item up from your yard.



If you have items containing mercury (silver in color) such as a thermometer, auto switch, home thermostat, bring those items to CHARM for proper collection, storage, and recycling double bagged in ziplock bags.  We also accept jars of properly sealed mercury anytime we are open for business.  Mercury spills are dangerous because mercury will vaporize at room temperature.  Children and women of childbearing age should not be exposed to Mercury vapors.  If a spill occurs do not vacuum it up.  Such an action will only distribute the Mercury vapors quickly through your home or business.


Packing Peanuts

Most packing peanuts are made of Styrofoam (polystyrene).  Styrofoam is not recyclable in this area of Ohio, however if they are clean and dry, PakMail located in Bellefontaine will accept them.



Oil Based: There are basically two kinds of paint, oil based paints and water based paints (latex). We accept oil based paints at CHARM for a small fee. Because they contain oil they can be blended with other materials for fuel to make electricity. You can tell oil based paint by the smell and the instruction on clean up. If you need turpentine or paint thinner to clean up the paint is oil based.
Water Based: Water based paints, or latex paint, are not recyclable. To get rid of this paint, use it up while painting first. Then dry leftover paint with kitty litter, saw dust, or floor dry. Once it is hardened it can be thrown in the trash and sent to the landfill. If the instructions on the can say it can be cleaned up with soap and water, you have water based paint.



Paper is fiber and all kinds of paper are recyclable. Paper goes in the ‘paper’ container at the recycling centers. Some animal food bags look like paper but have a plastic liner; this paper is not recyclable unless you can remove the plastic liner – a tough job.
We love shredded paper. Just be sure that when you take shredded paper to a recycling center that the wind is not blowing too strongly; we like the paper to go into the containers and not on our neighbors.

tissue paper box

Paperboard & Boxboard

Paper towel tubes, cereal boxes, soda pop drink boxes, macaroni and cheese, rice, tissue boxes, crackers, fruit snacks, granola bars etc.  can be placed in the recycling bin marked PAPER

plastic bags

Plastic Bags

Most plastic film is recyclable, items such as single use grocery bags, bread wrappers, produce, food storage, product wrap; salt bags are some of the most popular and are completely recyclable! Please make sure bags are clean from all residues and/or garbage. Please DO NOT bring plastic bags with liners, bags that contain threads, weaving, strapping or cording. All plastic bags/film must be brought to our main facility which is located at 1100 S Detroit Street, Bellefontaine. There is a large blue roll off container that is there for this product.

recycling plastic


Forget the numbers in the triangle on the bottoms of your household containers.

Drink and food containers: water/soda/milk/juice bottles, cartons, jugs, bottles, tubs, jars;

  • Clamshell fruit, vegetable and take-out containers;
  • Empty pill bottles (remove patient info);
  • Kitty litter pails 5 gallon or less;
  • Plastic garden pots less than 8” in diameter (free of dirt)
  • Microwave food trays;
  • Small clear rigid packaging
  • Bathroom, laundry and cleaning containers (shampoo, fabric softener, etc)
  • Aseptics: juice boxes, broth, etc


  • Styrofoam of any kind
  • Large bulky or rigid plastics (larger than a 5-gallon bucket like kiddie pools, drums etc);
  • Composites: more than one kind of plastic or with attached metal rivets, bolts, etc
  • Construction, renovation or demolition-related debris such as vinyl siding, pipe, tubing, pool liners;
  • Film, such as foodwrap, plastic grocery bags, etc;
  • Sports equipment (helmets, etc);
  • Shower curtains and rings;
  • Toys, garden hoses, Christmas lights, window blinds;
  • Buckets, dish wear

Shredded Paper

Paper shredded is totally recyclable and we welcome it.  Only one caution, don’t put it in your curbside bin or bring it to a drop-off location on a windy day – you may end up decorating the neighborhood with paper streamers!  At drop-off locations place shredded paper in the paper container.



Ugh!  Ugh!  Styrofoam is NOT recyclable at all in this part of Ohio.  Styrofoam packing peanuts and all that packing material from shipping boxes, coffee cups, and all the rest are trash!  Do not put them in the drop-off recycling containers or curbside bins.


Television (TV) Sets

Yes, we accept them – they cannot go to a landfill.  See the Electronics Collection schedule. Fees apply $10.



Scrap tires are recyclable and we only accept them at CHARM sessions.  Recycling Fees. Fees do apply.