Think Globally — Act Locally

The District needs volunteers to help out on specific jobs and assignments. Recycling is about thinking globally, but acting locally. Be one of the actors for change. Contact us if any of these volunteer assignments fits your skills and your interest.


The Solid Waste Management District conducts frequent events such as speaking engagements, educational programs, site openings, training, and clean-up events like the Great Logan County Road Clean-Up, Adopt-A-Highway, and Clean Sweep of the Great Miami River.

We like to document these events with photographs but we are so few and the events are becoming so many.

Photos are used in publications, educational presentations, and on this web site. If you are a skilled photographer, or just working hard to become one let us know.

Whether it is your camera or ours, we have many opportunities for taking interesting photographs, and we would like to have access to a number of photographers who want to support our mission.


The District staff is small, but dynamic. We frequently have specific questions that require short, but intense research, most likely by computer, but some with minimal telephone calling.

We can define the scope of a search carefully to make sure you understand what we are looking for; and we have computers if you don’t have access to one.

If you are interested in recycling, sustainability, climate change, and enjoy computer work, sign on as a Research Assistant. When a project comes along we will contact our Volunteer Research Assistants to see which one has the time to take on the task.


The District has an ongoing need to educate people about the benefits of recycling. Often this involves face-to-face conversations, simply explaining the benefits of participating in recycling.

These tasks require a team of two or more. If you and a friend are avid about recycling and want to take that message and enthusiasm to others let us know. Or, we can match you with another trained Volunteer to work together on a project.


The District often conducts events, especially collection events and Zero Waste events such as banquets.

If you have some time and energy to contribute to these events we welcome your participation.

We will train you, equip you with knowledge, and give you the opportunity to serve your community at events that interest you.

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