The Logan County Health department goes above and beyond to keep residents safe. They offer in-house and outreach child and adult immunization clinics, environmental health services, home health services, and records of births and deaths in Logan County. The employees at the department stay very busy, but they never slack in their work.

Here at the Solid Waste District, we have a vested interest in sharing some of the environmental work that is being done by the Health Department in Logan County. One of the main environmental health efforts put forth by the Health Department is the monitoring of well water on and around closed landfills. There are two main closed landfills in the county: the Chiles Landfill in Bellefontaine as well as one in the Indian Lake area. During the construction of these landfills, wells were inserted for inspection purposes.

The Health Department takes a trip to these sites at least twice a year and collects samples from the various wells for testing. They test things like the pH of the water, water temperature, presence of various pollutants, and the water level in each well. Some samples are even sent off to bigger labs for more extensive testing. No major issues have been found to date at these sites.

This testing is vital to our local environment. Knowing what is happening underground at closed landfills allows us to keep pollution from occurring and spreading, as well as helps us adapt in the construction of new landfills in order to prevent issues. This work, along with all other environmental health work and general health work being done by the Logan County Health Department, is what ultimately keeps our county safe and healthy.

Next time you drive by the department, give them a huge shout out for helping keep Logan County beautiful! Visit their website for more information on what they do:

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