School Recycling

We've promoted recycling and anti-litter education in schools for many years.

The District has been involved with Logan County Schools promoting recycling and anti-litter education for many years. From classroom presentations, to tours of the Detroit St. material recovery center, to complete recycling services, well developed recycling programs are in place in our schools.

The District provides a yellow 14 gallon recycling container for every classroom in the county for the collection of paper materials.

The District provides a yellow 7 gallon, desk side, recycling basket for every administrator’s desk in the county.

The District provides a variety of recycling totters and containers to assist maintenance workers and students who move the recycled materials within the schools.

The District provides a trailer on each school campus for the collection of recycled materials and transports those materials to the Detroit St. processing center.

We are always looking to improve or expand recycling activities in the school as we move toward the County goal of zero waste to the landfill by 2020.

School inquiries are always welcome. Contact us.

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