Recycling at Your Event

You can request Recycling Support For Your Next Event

As much as we are able, we try to provide recycling support for organizations conducting large scale public events. With advance notice and planning the Solid Waste District has recycling containers that can add a green touch to your public event, and reduce trash disposal costs.

After much experimentation the District has settled on the metal ‘Clear Stream’ recycling containers as the most effective for public events.

They are transported easily, set up in minutes and can be monitored just by walking by and observing the clear plastic bags for contents. Importantly, since they are completely transparent they do not attract trash, only recyclable materials.

Events Supported With Recycling Containers

Events supported with recycling containers and services by the Solid Waste District include:

  • Honda Homecoming Vendor Show for two years (8,000 people)
  • Party-At-The-Peak for two years
  • Party at the Beach at Indian Lake
  • Logan County Fair
  • Concerts in the park by the Bellefontaine Cultural Arts Commission
  • Various Art Shows, Car Shows, Fairs, and Carnivals.

Request Recycling Support At Your Next Event

Contact the Solid Waste District Office to arrange recycling support for your event. Depending on the availability of equipment and staff, the District is able to provide full turn-key service from delivery, set-up, collection, and take-down. For many events we can provide the materials, transportation, and training for your volunteers to handle the recycling containers.

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