High School Student Science Grants

Logan County High School science students can apply for a Grant.

Who is Eligible?

Logan County High School science students.

Sponsored by.

Each year the Logan County Solid Waste Management District provides a fund of moneys to support original scientific research by Logan County students. We are again in a position to support research.

Area of Interest.

The research must have some relation to solid waste issues, such as: litter prevention or litter processing, composting, environmental protection or environmental clean-up methodologies, recycling technologies, or materials research. This list is by no means complete and exclusive.


February 15 each year. Awards will be announced on or before March 1st each year.

Award Amounts.

Grants in the past few years have ranged from $500 to $1,100 to purchase specialized testing equipment, special strains of organisms for research, and chemical assay equipment.

How to Submit a Proposal.

Proposals for funding must be typed, double spaced, similar to a standard scientific study proposal, and indicate in a cover letter which teacher will be supervising the scientific study and which teacher will be supervising the writing of the proposal.

Suggested contents would include:

  • Abstract – very brief,
  • Introduction – very brief
  • Objective – one or two sentences
  • Technical Background – major part of the proposal, including a brief timeline
  • Planned Procedure – enough detail to support the projects aims
  • Methods of Evaluating Results – brief
  • Significance of Anticipated Results – brief
  • A Budget – details of all proposed expenses
  • Student Qualifications for Conducting the Project – student’s science background
  • References, Bibliography.

Further information on form and content of a proposal can be found at the Ohio Academy of Science web site.

More Information.

Any teacher or student wanting to inquire about specific research plans and possible funding may contact Alan Hale, District Coordinator, at 599-1253 to discuss their plan.

Where to Submit.

Submit one original proposal to the Solid Waste District by mail on or before February 15th. Awards will be announced on or before March 1st.

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