Convenient Recycling

Curbside Recycling combined with Pay-As-You-Throw curbside trash collection is available.

Where to Recycle in Logan County

Curbside Recycling combined with Pay-As-You-Throw curbside trash collection is available to all residents in Bellefontaine, West Liberty, and Lake Township.

Drop-Off Recycling Centers


HOURS: Open 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

D&G Mini Mart

Located in the Murray Griffin Park in the far northeast corner.

Enter from Charles St., County Rd. 106.

S. Detroit St. Recycling Center

Bellefontaine: S. Detroit Street Recycling Center

Located at 1100 S. Detroit St. at the corner of S. Detroit and Lake Ave.


Campbell Hill Recycling Center

Located on Sloan Blvd. across from the Ohio Hi Point Land Lab and near the Hilliker YMCA.

DeGraff Recycling Center

Located in the DeGraff Village Park on Pleasant St.

From St. Rt. 235 turn northeast on Koke St.

East Liberty Recycling Center

Located just east of the Village on Co. Rd. 154, across the road from Reliant Mechanical.

Huntsville Recycling Center

Located in Lions Park on Findlay St.

From St. Rt. 117 turn west onto Findlay St.

Jefferson Township Recycling Center

Located in Zanesfield at the entrance to the Township Park, next to the Jefferson Township Building.

Lakeview Recycling Center

Located behind the Lakeview Village Offices on Main St.

Middleburg Recycling Center

Located at the Flat Branch Water Pollution Control facility, 11046 Twp. Rd. 157. From Middleburg drive southeast on Co. Rd. 153 to Twp. Rd. 157 and there turn left and follow the signs to the Recycling Center.

Moundwood Recycling Center

Located at the south end of the parking lot at the Moundwood Boat Ramp, Indian Lake State Park.

North Side Recycling Center

Located right beside the Indian Lake State Campground off of 235.

Quincy Recycling Center

Located near Finfrock Park next to the Quincy Village Maintenance Garage on Logan Street.

Rushsylvania Recycling Center

Located on Mill St., St. Rt. 274 at LeVans HVAC property.

Russells Point Recycling Center

Located at the Indian Lake Water Pollution Control District property 1015 S. Orchard Island Road, also known as St. Rt. 708.

West Liberty Recycling Center

Located on the Village Garage property at 905 Sidney Street.

West Mansfield Recycling Center

Located on Co. Rd. 142 just ½ mile north of the Village.

Using the Pay-As-You-Throw Bag Service at the Recycling Centers

Pay-As-You-Throw, or PAYT, Green bags are for use at the 15 Recycling Centers operated by the Solid Waste District and nowhere else. The green bags are for the disposal of trash and garbage, any unwanted materials such as Styrofoam packing material. Place your trash in a green bag, seal it, and dispose of it in the special trash containers marked PAYT TRASH DISPOSAL.


Currently the cost of a green bag is $2.50 and they are available in rolls of 5 bags for $12.50. Remember, recycling is always free; the Green Bags are for trash and the disposal fee is $2.50 per bag. By being a careful consumer, recycling everything that can be recycled, your generation of trash can be minimal and inexpensive.

Where to Buy Green Bags:

Select locations. These stores carry the Green PAYT Trash Bags and sell them by the roll for $12.50 per roll.


Little Red Mill


Community Market on N. Main Street

Fulmer’s Community Market on Sandusky Ave.

Solid Waste District Office on S. Detroit St.

WalMart Super Center


Steve’s Market


East Liberty Grocery


Community Market

Lakeview Village Office

Winner's Market


Middleburg Service Center


Quincy Handy-Mart


Rushsylvania One Stop LLC


Community Market

Rite Aid


Thoman’s IGA Super Market


Fields Grocery

What about Blue, Orange, and Tan Bags?


Bellefontaine utilizes Blue PAYT trash bags as part of its curbside trash program.


Orange PAYT trash bags are used in West Liberty for their curbside trash collection program.


Lake Township residents use tan PAYT trash bags.

The four color bags used in Logan County are not interchangeable. When you purchase a PAYT bag, the money you spend goes to the village or township operating that trash collection program. When you purchase Green PAYT trash bags those funds go to the Solid Waste District to support the trash collection system of the District.

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