Logan County’s 16 Recycling and Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Drop-Off Centers

Dropping off recycling with us? Why not dispose of your household trash, too? The more you recycle, the more you save. We’ll show you how.

Find a PAYT Center

Logan County’s easy-to-use Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) trash containers are located at all 16 Recycling and PAYT Drop-Off Centers.

For trash disposal, customers must purchase PAYT green trash bags ($2.50 per bag and $12.50 for a roll of five bags) to use to dispose of their trash in the on-site containers.

PAYT bags are available for purchase at vending machines at most Recycling and Pay-As-You-Throw Centers as well as at 17 locations including Walmart and the District office in Bellefontaine.

For recycling – which is always free — please combine aluminum, glass, plastic and cans in the bin marked Household Container.

Separate corrugated cardboard and place in the bin marked OCC.

Household paper, paper board and junk mail go into the bin marked Paper.

Now see how little trash you have left.

Remember, the more you recycle, the more you save!

Find a Recycling and PAYT Drop-Off Center near you.

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