Recycle more and save in Logan County Ohio

The Logan County Solid Waste District this week announced the launch of an education campaign to encourage Logan County residents to recycle more and save money with the Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) trash program.

Most Logan County residents can cut their trash by more than half when they recycle. “It’s a simple concept for our Pay-As-You-Throw customers,” explains Angel Payne, coordinator for Logan County Solid Waste District, “We’re looking to reach people with the message that if you recycle more, you make less trash and lower your trash bill in the process.”

The education campaign comes at a time when residential/commercial recycling rates are nearly 54 percent. “Most people recycle, but not everything they could and some people don’t recycle at all,” Payne says. “The education campaign gives us a fresh, new look and a clean message that gets people’s attention and motivates them to learn more about how, what, where and when to recycle when they visit,” she adds.

How to Recycle

All Logan County residents are encouraged to recycle by combining aluminum, glass, plastic and steel. Separate cardboard, boxes and other household paper. Leave out clothing, ammo, scrap metal, medical needles, and items that tangle such as hoses, wire, chains and ropes.

Recyclables and trash can be dropped off 24/7 at any of the District’s 16 Recycling and PAYT Trash Centers. Each Center is well-lit and equipped with security cameras. Vending machines for PAYT green trash bag purchases are available at 11 of the locations. PAYT green trash bags are also sold at 17 retail locations throughout the county, including Walmart and District headquarters at 1100 South Detroit Street in Bellefontaine.

Why Recycle?

There are many reasons it’s important to recycle besides saving money, Payne adds. “The more we reuse and recycle the more we conserve natural resources, preserve our environment and contribute to our local economies. The more we recycle the less we use landfills and the more we bring jobs into the community. In Logan County, we provide valuable training to local inmates at our recycling center. Most years, we give monetary dividends back to local communities for recycling. Additionally, when residents save money on their trash services, that money comes back to the local economy,” she says.

Once collected, all recycling is delivered to the Logan County Materials Recovery Facility where recyclables are sorted and baled before they are sent to manufacturers and made into new products.

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